How to Implement Basic SEO Factors?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the practice of optimizing your website in search engines. To know more about SEO please click on what is SEO?

SEO has two main types:

1) On page SEO

2) Off Page SEO

On page SEO is a SEO type in which we can optimized our website to rank higher. In this type we have to do all changes on our page or online. That’s why the type is called on page.  

On page SEO has two factors:

  1. Basic On page Factors
  2. Advance On Page Factors
  • Basic On –Page Factor:
  1. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) :  –
    • Your URL should be in Small letter. If you have hyphen (-) or Blank Spaces than it must be replaced by underscore (_). It is also called as URL optimization.
  2. Headline:
    • Each and every page of your website must have one headline. Headline should be in h1 (<h1>) tag.
  3. Images:
    • Images must have alt tag (text). It is a name of your image.
  4. Content :
    • According to panda algorithm your content must be unique. Keyword Density must be 2-3% only.
  5. Internal and External Links:
    • If your website have internal link, then it is good for user engagement.
    • External links helps to earn Google’s trust factor.
  6. Footer :
    • Footer is most important part of your website. If you don’t have footer in your website then your website may consider as an under-constructed website. It may go into sandbox.

Want to know more about On-page Advance Factors? Please click on On page Advance Factors

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